Is there any way to prevent bare stems on older plants?

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    My milkweeds that have been alive all year all have stems that look like this. Does anyone know of a way that would cause leaves to be on every node, and not just stay up at the top?

    What I’m trying to prevent next year:

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    Thanks for the advice Jacqui!

    I think I’ll prune them and then grow the cuttings over the winter.



    Hello Crimson

    Your plant is growing and there is no way of stopping that. Everything in Nature has a purpose: to reproduce, and then to die.

    As a plant grows, the “stem” becomes a “trunk”. The leaves that have dropped off are too old and have died.

    You could prune your plant to about the same height as the stem with flowers on. Then the plant will branch just above the node – and you are more likely to get more flowers and more leaves.

    You could also take the cutting and place it in water. Add some willow leaves if you have them (or some rooting hormone from any garden centre). The cutting should sprout roots and you can plant that… another plant for your garden!

    I hope that is helpful

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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