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    Lol, ok my 2nd ever butterfly hatched this morning. The first little monkey monarch hatched yesterday while I was at work and was gone before I got home :( But I did get to see this little man born this morning!

    I brought him inside as it is so windy in blenheim here today and I didn’t want him to get knocked around too much. I had him on a swan plant leaf but he decided my fingers were better to hang from. In the end I have popped him up high on one of our curtains, right next to the door which is open for him to fly away when he is ready.

    I am a little concerned for the little guy tho as it is freezing here today and it’s going to rain. Would it pay to take a stem off the swan plant and put him on that and keep him in for the rest of the day/night? I have checked weather forcast and it is going to be a nice day tomorrow.

    What would you all recommend?

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    Hi Tasha – congratulations.

    One important thing to remember is that when it’s cold and uncomfortable outside (which is where the Monarch would be living naturally…) we are inside and turn the warmth and comfort up. The MOnarch doesn’t know this, so IT thinks it’s midsummer… and will want to behave appropriately – sex, and flowers to sip on etc.

    What I’m saying is: try not to make the room where you have the butterfly too “summery”. Only you knkow what your room/house/garden is like, we can’t guess from here. But it might be better to put the butterfly in a cooler room – like a back bedroom, back porch etc, where it can better acclimatise. You’re donig the right thing keeping it out of the adverse weather, but don’t make it too comfortable either.

    Hope that helps.




    Hi Tasha

    Your post is just like mine was – “It’s a Boy”. Very exciting, our first ones. Congratulations!!!
    I had two boys my first week of hatchlings and since 20 girls?
    Enjoy your season.
    The seem happy indoors for the first day or so. One of mine flew down and landed on my dog’s head when I was taking her out – cute and no harm done. Dog walked her out safely.



    Hi tasha, I would leave him in for the night it is a really strong southerly down here.
    He will be quite happy just hanging from the curtain, or in a room where it is quiet.
    I haven’t had my first monarch butterfly yet but I have 6 chrysalis and about 70 adopted pillars varying in size. Mrs monarch has been busy around my uncovered swan plants so it will be very busy here in the next few weeks.
    Chers Margie

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