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    Over the almost ten years that the MBNZT has been in existence we have had many photographs sent to us, or uploaded directly to the website. These now need to be sorted into galleries using the NextGEN WordPress plugin. At present they are filed in one large “album” or folder, but we would like to sort them into Monarchs, other species, host plants, nectar plants, displays etc – and delete any of the poorer images.

    The outcome will be (for example) that someone looking to identify a butterfly could flick through our gallery of photographs and when they see the right one, they will then have its name. Or someone could look at all of the photos of our displays and get ideas for their displays.

    With the butterflies, moths and plants eventually we will be able to link the appropriate photograph to a fact sheet will more details of that species.

    This task could be done from home and would be an ideal voluntary task for someone who has time on their hands and is wanting to become more conversant with websites etc.

    You would need to have good internet connection and upload speed – we could negotiate any data cap you might have for the length of the project.

    Wordpress is very simple and straightforward to use. To learn more about NextGEN look at this Youtube video here. While at first this might look very complicated, all of our photographs are already uploaded and they just need sorting. We would show you how to do that.

    If interested please contact Jacqui on

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    Thanks for the wonderful responses. This position has now been filled! We look forward to getting these photos on the website better organised. Will advise when it has happened. Hundreds to sort through!

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