Keeping off the wasps..a cheap and effective way


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    I am new to the forums,but have found the website to be invaluable in helping protect the monarch butterfly.

    I was at my wits end trying to protect my caterpillars from wasps,and saw something in the $2 shop which works a treat.I thought it may help others.

    They are called easy open hampers, they spring open and are meant to be used for storing laundry and toys etc, but if you turn them upside down, they fit over about four swan plants, and keep the wasps out!

    They are also wonderful for chrysalis houses, you just stick some twigs and leaves inside, and away you go.

    A cheap way to protect our precious butterflies.

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    Hi Gilly,
    Sorry but i am unable to put up a photo, but a digital camera is on santa’s list!
    I am very busy at the moment, i had 31 caterpillars all which i got to chrysalis, and i have released 5 butterflies today, and 4 yesterday.
    I shall never stop being amazed at the pleasure you get at seeing them take their first flight..absolutely wonderful. Many thanks for such an informative and enjoyable sight.



    Sounds interesting Jasper.. any chance of a photo?

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