Lack of butterflies this year

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    This year I have not got the butterflies I have had in previous years. Previously I have
    released close to 100 butterflies by now, but have only released 5 so far. Have had a lot of baby praying mantis and the odd wasps., but have 3 Castles and one garden tree covered to try and protect eggs and caterpillars.Have lots of young trees too.
    Talking to my daughter who lives in Oakey, 2 hours inland from Brisbane , and she tells me that Swan Plants grow wild on the roadsides over there!!!
    Had the privilege to watch a caterpillar turn into a chrysalis this morning.

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    Gaynor is in Gisborne. That’s where there is a major grower of swan plant seed too! Seems odd. Hope things improve, Gaynor.




    Hi Gaynor
    Thank you for posting. I have a surplus of caterpillars, and if you wish I could send some to you ? Please let me know if that might be helpful or not.
    It seems sad to have too few Butterflies in some locations and too many in others.
    Kind regards
    04 9022562 or 0275217071 or



    Hello Gaynor, Where are you? I was in Paddington, Sydney for 2 weeks and saw no monarchs. I was very surprised since it’s a very leafy suburb. I only saw 2 butterflies the whole time I was there – orchard variety. I suspect there are few swan plants where you are since female monarchs can only smell swan plants from 2km away. I am in Wellington and we have had awful spring and summer weather. But I have had hundreds of eggs – I sent approx 700 alone to the South Island. Keep up your good work. Caryl

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