Ladybird Harmonia axyridis

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    The ladybirds on the yellow aphids on my swan plans appear to be this variety. They are small like the red & dark blue ladybirds but very bright spotty yellow & black.
    Sounds like they eat the aphids but if I have identified them correctly they may eat the eggs & baby caterpillars? information to hand says it is an invasive species from Asia introduced to many countries as a biological control agent. In NZ it has spread rapidly and now has a negative impact on native fauna. Its a pest in vineyards. Apart from aphids it eats a range of other insects. This is not the bigger ladybird I have seen in the Waikato recently.
    Could this mean my eggs and baby monarchs are at risk. I have lots of butterflies laying but hardly anything staying on the plants to hatch and grow?

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    I have just seen some more. Can’t send a photo here, will try e-mail.
    The aphids don’t seem to be on anything else in my garden, just the swan plant.
    I have rescued some eggs and cats to my Caterpillar castle. Lovely to see the butterflies around.



    Yes, they may eat eggs/caterpillars but I believe the preference is aphids… so move them on when your aphids are all gone! Take them for a walk to somewhere else in the neighbourhood.

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