last caterpillar of summer?

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    For some time (3-5 weeks?) a lone caterpillar has been on a swan plant under the house eaves. This caterpillar shows no inclination to grow – in fact it might be getting smaller – let alone turn into a chrysalis. After weeks of checking it anxiously, tonight I brought it inside with swan plant leaves in an old jam jar with holes in the top. It is now on a window ledge in a quiet room centimetres from its old home.

    My question is, is this the right way to help the caterpillar survive? During the day, should I leave it where it is in its jar, place the jar on a sunnier window ledge, or put the caterpillar back in its old home during the daylight? I’d be grateful for advice on helping this little guy hatch safely.

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    Hi Ann, it would probably be better to pick some swan plant, put in a vase and let the caterpillar roam about the swan plant…. it might get too hot in the jar. A bit of sun is fine but they can get too hot. When it is ready it will want to go up and hang somewhere but will hang on the swan plant if needs be. You will need to pick fresh food daily for him/her. Good luck and let us know how you get on 🙂

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