Last of my monarchs set free

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    Today being beautiful and sunny here in Christchurch I set my last 2 Monarchs free. I had bought them inside when we bought our net hampers and although they were a smaller pupae they both hatched perfect. I was so happy this year to have had 24 to fly away as last year my first doing this, I had one which was deformed.I am so looking forward to next year, with all the knowledge I have acquired on this wonderful forum and the castles we are getting I should be able to increase my output by keeping those pesky wasps away I lost 34 to them nasty little critters.

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    Hi Jackie ,I was at Ruru Cemetery yesterday for Mothers Day, while there I had a quick look around, I didn’t see any clusters. I will certainly be going back and will also visit the other parks. Will keep lookout for tagged ones as well.



    Hi Mary – now that you have time on your hands… 🙂 could you (and please encourage your friends) to visit the parks of Christchurch such as Abberley (sp?) and Ruru cemetery etc to see if there are any overwintering Monarchs, and if the size of the clusters grow… it would be good to know.

    Also, after inclement weather, it might be worth looking out for those Monarchs who have not survived the storm – some may be tagged.

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