Late monarchs hatching in Cromwell

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    I have 1 monarch hatched here in Cromwell, and it’s currently not very tropical.
    What can I do to help them, as I have no idea, our other ones hatched through summer.
    Ideas please??

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    Hello Martin

    I suggest you put the monarch somewhere COOL and DARK and it will get the idea that the weather is wintry, without it getting wet and blown about. You can keep them like this for a week… but I never do it more than three days. As soon as you see some sunshine, then put the butterfly out in a sheltered position where – if the sun shines – it will feel the warmth on its wings.

    By the way. it is only the eggs that “hatch”. The butterflies eclose or emerge from the chrysalis. I knew what you meant though. 🙂

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