late Monarchs

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    Two Monarchs eclosed tonight, looking good. I have brought lots of late caterpillars & chysalids inside over the last couple of months, wasn’t sure that it was the right thing to do as quite a few were deformed & testing for OE results on 20 butterflies showed quite a high rate of infection. However I’d committed to do it so went ahead. I have them in the conservatory during the day then inside in the house overnight. Up util last month Monarchs were still laying eggs, & very few seem to be overwintering in Dominion Park Hamilton. Most days there are Monarchs flying about our garden & some are even showing signs of wanting to mate (nobody told them that they are supposed to be in diapause!)
    We have had a mild winter in Hamilton, with only one very heavy frost. Following this frost I found a chrysalis outside, & it looked as tho it had frozen, but a couple of weeks later it eclosed successfully inside. Now only 3 chrysalids left to eclose…..It’s been a long season! About 500 Monarchs so far

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