Later in season = smaller chrysalises?

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    Just been noticing lately that the cats turning into J’s seem quite small, and wondered if the time of year has anything to do with it, my earlier cats were just about bursting at the seams before pupating, and making massive chrysalises.

    Anyone noticed a trend like this for these later cats/butterflies?

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    I had a bunch that were small as well, which I put down to them running out of food. (“Nothing left to eat – ah, well, may as well pupate…”)

    My last batch, which I brought inside from the greenhouse, where I’ve been nurturing my swan plants back to life, all look as big as those I had earlier in the season. So, whether better food supply or warmer temperature, I don’t know.



    Yes, I think they will hatch to be fine, I’m just a bit annoyed, as I still have tags, and wanted nice  big butterflies to tag, but small and resilient it will have to be I think…

    I have them all inside on a plant in a cat castle Jacqui, so other than the day length, I don’t think the weather is really having much effect on them, and it’s been so warm as well!!



    It’s the shorter day length that is mostly the trigger for everything slowing down. That and the wind and the rain means that you’re less likely to have successes…



    Gillian Eadie

    Hello there

    After 60+ gorgeous big chrysalis (and 16 new butterflies so far) the last 20 or so caterpillars are quite smallish and the few chrysalis so far are small too.  Some cats look as if they may not even make it to the chrysalis stage. I can only put it down to the temperature changes (and the heavy rain we have had lately, although their house was covered). I’ve done everything possible to avoid their demise this time!

    From my last experience, even quite small chrysalis produced healthy butterflies so fingers crossed BlueSkyBee.

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