Length of Monarch life cycle

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    Hi there

    Had a report from someone down south this morning as to how much longer it takes for a Monarch to go through its life cycle, i.e. from newly laid egg to adult.

    Was thinking that this could be an interesting for schools especially, if the children could measure how long it takes for a Monarch to go through its metamorphosis. Could that be set up without bringing an egg indoors and keeping it ‘separate’ so it could be observed, but still in the natural conditions it would experience outdoors, e.g. weather, temperatures?

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    Yes very interesting!!!  Im going to start to keep some accurate information with the new pillars Im sent and see how long exactly each stage is taking here.  I also was wondering if seeing it is the whole process that takes longer or just the time in chrysalis.  I was even thinking of taking photographs with a reference article in the picture to compare how long they take for each instar.






    Yes, would be an interesting science project, because the class could learn about keeping records and reading instruments (temperature, rainfall) as well as how the temperature affects growth. I guess they’d have to “sleeve” a plant once the egg had been laid to see how long each stage takes. That’s a challenge for all you schools and science teachers out there!

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