Raising Honshu white admirals

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    These can be raised in plastic containers (e.g. takeaway food) with a netted lid or on vases or pots of Japanese honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica). The plant lasts well in water although under the National Pest Plant Accord, you will need an exemption to grow the plant. Contact your local council.

    A generation of Honshu white admirals is about 8 weeks:

    Approx. 1 week for the egg to hatch

    6 weeks for the larval stage

    1 week for the pupa to eclose.

    Slower developing larvae make their hibernaculum and overwinter. They will just roll up a leaf and reside inside it to overwinter, whether the leaf is on a vine, or potted plant in the butterfly house or outdoors.

    Overwinter in outdoor conditions, otherwise they may mature too early if kept inside, and then fail to mate because of the spring season being a little early for them.

    The leaf often dries out or dies but still retains the rolled shape, and occasionally larvae will emerge on a sunny day and have a browse before returning to their shelter.

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