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    Yesterday I was talking to the Manager of a local Garden Garden Centre and she told me at the weekend she noticed many butterflies nectaring on a Callistemon Little John shrub in Titahi Bay, and behind on another property she witnessed many monarchs hanging upside down. This was on Saturday 21 March. The location was Te Pene Avenue, left hand side up a drive past the shop on the left. I’m hoping someone living close to there sees this and could confirm the site. Exciting!

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    Blake in Porirua

    old post… but im keen to follow this up as Ive begun living in Porirua and Ive tagged this season, so would love to know some spots to start looking for mine, and also where I could release them to join an existing group!
    Someone on my local community fb page mentioned they saw a huge amount of monarchs on some gum trees at the back of Papakowhai Reserve. This was in feb/march. I now release my butterflies there. Unfortunately the buddleiah is finished now so im reluctant to use the site for the last 20odd.
    A mum at school said she has seen groups of monarchs in the newer parts of whitby in previous years.



    Wonderful Caryl!


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