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    Hello fellow butterfly enthusiasts

    Some of you may have seen me mention a while ago about my website and blog I’m working on – http://www.caterpillardiaries.com – and maybe saw a YouTube video I’ve done of butterflies eclosing. The website’s still in progress, as I’ve been flitting (butterfly-like) between other things I’m working on, but I’m keen to get it properly “up and running” over the next few weeks.

    One of the things I’m hoping to achieve with the website is to create a resource that kids, teachers, and parents – as well as butterfly enthusiasts – can refer to, to learn about Monarchs, in as much detail as they want. The website will feature my own photos and videos (via YouTube), including a lot of macro photography, to illustrate the life cycle, “quirky facts about butterflies”, etc. There will also be a blog about my butterfly garden and such.

    So, what I’m hoping some people here can help me with, primarily, is “getting my facts straight”. Though I’d also be interested to hear any other feedback.

    I have (I think) a fairly good general knowledge about Monarchs, their life cycle, etc (thanks in large part to people here, as well as various other butterfly websites), but in many cases, I need more detailed knowledge – esp in the “quirky facts”. Information I post on the website itself can always be edited if a mistake is discovered, but, once I’ve uploaded a video to YouTube, it can’t be edited as such – I’d have to delete it and upload a revised version, losing the counts of views/likes/etc. So I need to get it right the first time.

    Sorry if I’ve been a bit long-winded. What I’m getting to is – while I’ll write up the material for the website/YouTube videos myself, would anyone here, with superior knowledge and insights, be willing to help me by checking my facts on a post or video before I “go live”? I would be sure to thank you (personally or as “MBNZT members”) on the website, and, if you were interested in any of my photos, I would be more than happy to send you a print. Having this help would give me a real confidence boost re my website and help get me closer to a proper launch.

    Many thanks in advance.
    Kathleen (aka The Crazy Butterfly Woman)

    PS – To show you the kind of photography I’m doing and hopefully give you a feel for what I’m trying to achieve (and because I’m a bit excited by having finally captured this!), I’ve uploaded to YouTube a draft of a video I’m currently working on (a caterpillar hatching from its egg). The final version will include a written commentary, along with close-ups (from stills) for closer inspection/labelling. Here is the link here (it’s unlisted, and only for MBNZT members in its draft form, please):

    (The sound may be a bit loud, sorry. Will have to fix that.)
    I hope you enjoy this. 🙂

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    Great Video. We need something like that out there. Keep it up.


    Black Robin

    Great photography Kathleen !!!
    I think you have real commitment and talent
    You can be sure of any help that I can give you

    Black Robin



    I hope that others will also contribute their thoughts and suggestions, Kathleen.



    Thank you, Jacqui. I appreciate the support.

    It would be great to have a few people I could contact by email when I have a draft video ready to go. If I just post a link here, it might be a few days before people see it. But that would be fine too, if people prefer it.

    I can be reached at bizimama66 AT gmail DOT com (or the email address you have on file).
    🙂 Kathleen



    Great film, Kathleen. Not many people will have seen that first-hand.

    I’m sure I speak on behalf of others too when we say we’d like to contribute ideas to your series.

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