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    If you are passionate about the environment and New Zealand natural heritage, want to see more people aware of NZ’s biodiversity, invertebrate fauna, and especially butterflies and moths, and have governance or management skills and experience then the Monarch Butterfly New Zealand Trust has an opportunity for you.

    The Monarch Butterfly New Zealand Trust was established to protect NZ’s Lepidoptera and its habitat. It is registered as a charitable entity under the Charities Act 2005 (CC11297) with donee status. The Monarch Butterfly New Zealand Trust’s mission statement is to ensure New Zealands butterflies and moths, and their habitat, is enhanced and protected where possible to benefit present and future New Zealanders. Our main thrust is in the field of education and raising awareness.

    We require nominations from men and women, young and old, and from all corners of New Zealand. We would like to have a broader range of cultural backgrounds represented in our Board. The Board meets monthly via Skype.

    No remuneration is payable but all appropriate expenses are covered by the MBNZT.

    Applications close 5pm, Tuesday, 10 April 2012.

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    Having a few inquiries about the role of our trustees.

    ** What is required?

    It is important that people realise this is a governance role, i.e. not a management role. The trustees (or board) are accountable for the trust’s performance. It listens to the financial members and follows the trust deed to see that the MBNZT does what it says it will do. Basically that is publish four newsletters a year (to satisfy the members) and work in the field of educaion/conservation of our Lepidoptera. The Board/trustees are not required to spend time MEETING these objectives, i.e. volunteering, stuffing envelopes, organising displays. They can, if they want to, but it’s not in the job description.

    ** What kinds of activities would that person be required to do?

    ** How many hours a week/month would those activites usually take a person who was involved?

    Meet each month or as required via Skype (or telephone) to discuss what has been achieved, payment of accounts, budgets, financial performance, and what will be achieved over the coming months.

    Twice a year, meet face-to-face with the other trustees, once for a planning day/weekend, and the other meeting is at the time of the Annual General Meeting.

    And in between that, answer any emails or action any correspondence or account payments that arise. That would possibly account for 2-3 hours/month.

    ** Is Skype a must?

    Not essential, but it is a way that we can meet and it costs us nothing. While the majority of us meet Skype to Skype, nyone who doesn’t have Skype received a phone call (Skype to phone) and then participates just as if they were talking via Skype.



    And of course, the people have to be qualified to be officers of a charitable entity under section 16 of the Charities Act 2005 No 39, which can be found here:



    Please send inquiries to trust@monarch.org.nz – more information will be sent to you.

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