Mexican Flowering Daisy available??

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    Last season the Shop on this site was selling Mexican Flowering Daisy shrubs and other nectar “magnet” plants.
    Could you please advise if you still can provide these plants and their Latin names.
    I asked a local nursery and several plants have the common name Mexican Flowering Daisy – so I want to be sure to get the one referred to here.
    Many thanks

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    Yes! They are flowering at the moment so cuttings will be available in July or August



    Hi Jacqui
    I am slowly getting Monarch friendly shrubs in the garden here in Waikanae and would love to include a Montanoa grandiflora. Do you still have any cuttings? If so am I able to buy one?



    Thank you Jacqui!
    I will look out in the store for the cuttings in Autumn of Tagetes lemmonii and Montanoa grandiflora.
    And I will follow up with Kings seeds for Tithonia speciosa ‘Goldfinger’.
    I’ll contact some nurseries for the giant Tithonia diversifolia – Mexican Tree marigold
    Thanks again 🙂



    Hi Fiona – there are actually several Mexican marigolds, and the monarchs love both of them:

    Tithonia speciosa ‘Goldfinger’ – seeds from Kings Seeds. This one has orange daisy-like flowers, and is often referred to as Mexican marigold. Flowers for a long period.

    Tagetes lemmonii – we will have cuttings available in the autumn. It grows as a bush with clusters of yellow daisy-like flowers. The foliage smells a bit like mint, a bit like curry, and makes a great tea! Prune it hard back and it flowers again (and again) in summer and right into the winter. Referred to as Mexican marigold.

    Tithonia diversifolia is the Mexican Tree marigold and is excellent for nectar in the winter. You will have often seen photos of it in our magazines as the monarch butterflies love it and look stunning when nectaring in the middle of the flowers… but the flowers are so high! It’s one of these plants that you can almost see growing and as I have it growing against walls etc, I keep it tied right back so that it has some support – otherwise suddenly we have a storm and it’s broken and another year of nectar lost. It can grow to about 4 metres talL!!! Big flowers, almost like sunflowers.

    The last plant I’ll describe is Montanoa grandiflora, which grows just like the T. diversifolia. Called the Mexican tree daisy. This one has clusters of white daisy-like flowers, yellow centres. And we will have cuttings of this in the Autumn.

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