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    Hi – Im back with a different topic this time.
    How long can I keep milkweed cuttings in water without them losing potency to keep caterpillars alive.. Is there a fertiliser or similar I could add to the water to give the cuttings a boost or is it best just to keep fresh water in the bottles/jars. I did hammer the lower stems which keeps them alive for a long time. (some already have their hairy root system starting)

    I was also given two large plants about 4 foot friend just dug them up and brought to me to feed hungry pillars.. I have them in a bin of water, but again wondered if I could add a liquid fertiliser or similar to give them a boost without harming the feed for the few caterpillars still on the plants. I will cut them back and plant them once they’re finished with. I just wonder what hydroponic growers feed through their water system and if it would be suitable for swan plants..

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    Hi PoplarPark

    Don’t know about adding anything to the water to prolong the life of the swan plant. It would be interesting to know about hydroponic systems.



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