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    One of the ways we can raise funds for the MBNZT and projects is to supply and/or sell seed of Swan plants to those who need it – be it supplier(s) or end user(s). In fact, right now we’re scraping together some seed for someone who wants 400 grams – that’s almost the same as a pound (e.g. of butter).

    However, we’re running out… so if you have some to spare, please email me,

    Meanwhile, here courtesy of Chris Goodwin (Dplex email list) are three good ways of separating the seed from the "mess".

    1. Put the seeds on a grid, light a blow-torch, and run it underneath and watch the flash.

    2. Place in paper bag with small hole at base. Shake well and the seeds emerge leaving the fluff in the bag. (Some people suggest adding a few pebbles too.)

    3. Take the pod by the ‘wrong’ end and gently ease off the seeds at the other

    end and collect. Work your way gradually along the pod and all the seeds

    will come out, leaving one tidy chunk of still compressed fluff.

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    As I said above, we need swan plant seed – it can be giant or regular, but not the red. We need 1 kilogram of it!! Preferably cleaned already, but must be healthy, i.e. not mouldy, and definitely not underdeveloped. (Nothing quite like a dissatisfied customer!)

    This is a good fundraiser for the MBNZT, so if you can assist by sending same to MBNZT, C/0 NZ Post, Russell, we will be very appreciative.


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