Mitre 10 mega hornby swan plants ok?

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    Romy Forrer

    Hi all

    Has anyone bought the large bushy swan plants Mitre10 mega Hornby were selling over the weekend? I went to buy several for my starving caterpillars but when I asked the staff if they had been sprayed – the answer was a gut-wrenching “yes” so i didn’t purchase any. The staff member explained the spray had a 3-week withholding period and the plants in stock should now be suitable for butterflies to lay on. However, they couldn’t guarantee they’d be safe for caterpillars to munch on immediately. Didn’t want to risk it (not pretty if the spray is still effectual) but I haven’t been able to find any large swanplants for sale anywhere else, so if anyone purchased the Mitre10 Mega Hornby plants and found they were fine for their caterpillars I’d love to know so I can go back any buy some.

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