Monarch butterfly bus

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    On Thursday morning I coudn’t believe it as I was zooming down the motorway and noticed a bus exiting – it was travelling much slower I didn’t really get a good look at it but I THOUGHT it was covered with Monarchs.

    Last night after work I called into one bus depot – it could have been one of thousands of buses operating in Auckland city, out of any number of depots – but it was the RIGHT one, and the controller let me wander around the yard until I found it, so I could take photos.

    It’s magnificent! You can see the photos here:

    Please let me know if you’re not on FB and can’t get to the page, and I’ll post elsewhere.

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    A friend who lives in Wellington just told me they have a butterfly bus there too (and she has been on it). All good to keep up the profile of Monarch butterflies. I think the New World TV ad for game day with the sky filled with butterflies (only momentarily) is good too. 🙂



    It is magnificent! Well spotted. I will look out for out as I zoom through Auckland next week.

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