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    Did anyone see the gorgeous Monarch butterfly nectaring on a cineraria on TV1 news tonight? I only just got a glimpse, and missed the acknowledgement of the photographer…but I thought it looked like the cineraria at Jacqui Knight’s place. Was it?

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    Loved your photo Jacqui! No chrysalis yet – eggs took almost 6 weeks and it’s been a month since they hatched. The weather down here has been awful. I see red admirals most days but no monarchs. I am anxious about the monarchs population in Wellington this season.



    Yes you’re right. It occurred to me that we could get some good publicity for butterflies if we sent Jim a photo from time to time, so that’s what I did this afternoon.

    You can see it here:

    Drag the slider along to 3 minutes 10 (3:10), nearly at the end.

    So maybe if you have photos of Red or Yellow Admirals, Lesser Wanderers or anything in your garden that gets people thinking about butterflies or flowers or insects, send high res photos to with just a little bit of commentary/description and Jim Hickey or whoever the presenter is that night might just use it. They do ask if the photo was taken that day, though; not a good idea to send in old stuff.

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