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    I am very fortunate to have approx 10 Monarch caterpillars growing fast on my Swan plant.

    However, based on last year, when I first encountered 2, these disappeared which left me feeling quite sad.

    To avoid this problem, am thinking of bringing them indoors, and if any member in the Blenheim area has a Swan plant who would also like to take good care of 1 or 2, they are most welcome to message me and come to collect them.

    The reason I write this message is to enquire what are the ideal indoor conditions for Monarch caterpillars especially temperature and whether anybody has any Swan plants that they can donate to me for feeding them. Am a little concerned due to size of my Swan plant and how much the caterpillars are eating, I don’t want them to starve.


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    Thanks Jacqui, much appreciated



    You can remove a branch of your swan plant and put it in a vase of water – just remember that the cutting cannot absorb (drink) water UNLESS you break up the bottom of the stem, just above where you cut it.

    The caterpillars will eat all the juicy parts: stems, flowers, seed pods, before they get tough, so don’t replace the stem just because the leaves have gone.

    I put mine in a vase on my dinner table. There is good airflow and it is warm but not too hot. If it’s comfortable for us, it’s probably the perfect temperature. I stand the vase in a tray of water so that the caterpillars are faced with a moat they can’t swim and they stay put on the branch.

    Also remember no insecticides in the house – includes plug-in pest controls or flea treatments on pets. As natural an environment as possible.

    Hope that helps!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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