Monarch Caterpillars Galore in Christchurch Greenhouse

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    I have approx 50 caterpillars filling themselves on my swan plants in my small greehouse. I have a larger greenhouse where I grow or regrow the swan plants.
    I believe the weather patterns we have experienced are the major problem that the monarchs are facing. They have had limited days of reasonable temperatures to take to wing and this has depleted the numbers available to lay eggs on the swan plants.
    I commenced the season with 3 Monarchs hatched out and succeeded in seeing another 2 take flight. Now I am looking forward to a bonanza.

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    Hi, I don’t suppose you would have any room for any eggs, would you? I collected them from my cafe yesterday as they have seven maturing caterpillars and they cull the eggs so the plant is not stripped.
    If you could host these eggs that would be awesome. I’m happy to post or deliver.
    many thanks



    I have a small greenhouse too and it certainly is helpful. Today I had three females and 1 male (he is just out of sight so can’t be positive but think its a boy) .. all perfect 🙂 currently taking shelter from our wind in a netted enclosure. I’m expecting a lot more this week. I have another 35 to 40 chrysalids to go to boost my total from a rather miserable 14 this season. Things like butterfly castles, greenhouses and netted off enclosures all help I find.

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