Monarch chrysalis breakage

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    Hi everyone,

    I’ve been raising monarchs for quite some time. I’ve found that even with having abundance’s of swan plants outside and putting wasp traps out, I haven’t been able to save as many so a while ago I potted some swan plants and I now grow them in my room and rescue eggs now and again from the outside plant. The other day I had one of my fatter monarch caterpillars turn into a chrysalis and it was perfectly healthy looking and had formed completely within hours as per usual. I woke up this morning and saw that the chrysalis had split and I was able to see the inside (which resembled a yellow abdomen type structure) surrounded by an open sac of green substance. I knew most likely he wouldn’t be able to form into a butterfly so read somewhere that putting them in the freezer puts them out of their misery and did so. I just wondered what might have happened to cause this and if anyone else on this forum had seen anything like it happen? I’ve noticed the odd aphid on the plant however I have thoroughly rinsed and rubbed the plant off from aphids and squash them whenever I see them so I doubt that one could have done that amount of damage..?


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