Monarch diseases

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    I briefly read about a scientist who is trying to find out about Monarch parasites, but can’t find the link now – can anyone help?

    Also he wrote that all he needed was a piece of transparent tape pressed against the butterfly’s abdomen then the tape put on a sheet of white paper and posted to him, so that any spores could be seen and counted. I wondered if the tape he referred to was ordinary transparent adhesive tape?

    I have quite a large number of Chrysalises soon to eclose, so could easily take part in the project

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    Just out of interest I’ve removed reference to any particular brand name of adhesive tape that’s been used in the posts above.

    In the past we’ve run into issues with the Brand Name Police, i.e. the patent attorneys from the Sellotape company in the UK – Sellotape being trademarked.



    Thank you Jacqui, will follow up on that



    Yes it just requires some ordinary clear adhesive tape and the link is here

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