Monarch eggs available in Whangarei

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    I imagine that anyone who has Swan plants also has plenty of eggs but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    I have eggs being laid daily on my poor stripped plants. Would prefer not to be squishing them so…all free to good homes! I’m in Kensington. Send me a message on 027 9373360.


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    Thanks Pepetuna and drat. Only gives me 2 days then.

    Another 30ish laid today. These butterflies do not rest! Definitely going to have to start disposing :(.



    The Commercial Butterfly Breeders Manual, available from the IBBA has a temperature chart to regulate livestock growth. There is a table with the days to hatch at various temperatures and also the number of days you can safely keep ova (eggs) at low temperatures. For Monarch eggs it says you can keep them 2 days at 4 deg C (normal fridge temperature), 3 days at 7 deg C, and 4 days at 10 deg C. I have a wine fridge I can set to 12 deg C, and have kept them a week in there, but foolishly didn’t record how many hatched. Most did as I recall.



    Excellent, very much appreciated. An extra 4 days up my sleeve will be good.



    Tests done on monarch eggs in the U.S. showed that up to 6 days refrigeration was OK but after that each day over resulted in increasing mortality rate for the early instar larvae.

    “Eggs from 0-4 day treatment all survived to adulthood. In the 6 and 8 day treatment two caterpillars died. In the 10 day treatment they made it to second instars stage, the 12 day treatment one had hatched but died a few hours later. In the 14 day treatment two hatched but but also died a few hours later”

    There was no indication of the temperature setting on the refrigerator.



    Just a thought…Terry has been putting eggs in the refrigerator to slow down hatching (if I’m understanding correctly?). Is there any reason why I couldn’t do that with these monarch eggs?

    If yes, how long can they be left in there?



    Thanks Sally – have passed your email address on to one person in Christchurch and asked them to cover your expenses.



    Jacqui called to ask about shipping. Yes, very happy to post but will need to be at recipients expense. Really cant afford to cover it.

    Have just taken 45 eggs off the plant (and found a couple hatchlings so this lot could pop any minute)!

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