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    Who still has monarchs laying eggs?

    I am still getting alot of eggs being laid, so am gathering that they are not going into diapause as yet. Have hundreds of catapillers, and tonight collected 45 chrysalis. And prob the same again in J’s ready about to change.

    What are others experiancing?

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    I’m in Auckland and haven’t seen any butterflies in my garden for well over a week. Today though I had one turn up and and she spent a couple of hours hovering around laying eggs on what I have left of my plants, which isn’t much – just stripped stalks mainly with a tiny amount of regrowth.
    Unfortunately I had to squish them almost as soon as she’d laid them as I simply don’t have the food.
    Am sure I missed some though so will be out again tomorrow for more squishing (even though I hate doing it!)
    Meanwhile I still have around 30 caterpillars left (mostly big thank goodness) and 50 odd chrysalides.



    Wow Vicki, really? I’m in Chch and haven’t had any eggs laid for a couple of weeks, I haven’t seen any butterflies around either.



    Same in Christchurch with eggs. Thousands of caterpillars still around. Garden Centres are struggling to keep up with the demand. Me .. I’m smart. My plants are hidden! Down to my last 5th instar cat. Just 200 or so chrysalides to emerge and I’m done. I need the break! Clusters are later forming too. There were good numbers by April last year, not yet this year.



    Still got lots of eggs being laid up here (Bay of Islands), but we do have Monarchs laying all year around. I WISH THEY WOULD GO INTO DIAPAUSE and give the plants a chance to recover! And me too. 🙂

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