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    While convalescing at home after a major operation early in December, I commented to my wife that I hadn’t seen a single monarch in the garden, we have a very large Buddleia bush outside our sun lounge which by now was in full bloom, well, Christmas and new year came and passed and still no sign, this concerned me as the blooms had started to fade, then on January 18th, 2.30 in the afternoon I saw one lone Monarch, quick, where is the camera, typical, that I didn’t have the right lens on, I managed to get some image taken, they are not that flash, I hadn’t taken this sort of image before.

    So, I took to sitting outside with my camera, in hope that I’d get a good picture of the Monarchs, all up I shot about 90 images over a 3 week period, the 38 in the album are the best, album link: ( )

    I also managed to get some good shots of a couple of Yellow Admirals, album link: ( )

    Early one morning I notice a tiny movement in the flower of the hedge weed (Convolvus) that is slowly choking our Hebe next door to the Buddleia bush, and there it was, a baby Praying Mantis no more than 20mm long, photo link: ( ) the challenge now was to get a good picture in the early morning light as the flower moved in the wind, I shot ten on rapid fire and got three good ones, I’ve sent this one to National Geographic.

    So, enjoy the photos, I have them all at very high resolution for print.


    Ken Wright


    35 Ward Street


    Upper Hutt

    New Zealand

    Tel: 00 64 4 528 3573


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    Awesome photography, Ken. Loved the poster – very clever. Ouch that’s SOME scar!




    Hi Ken. Well, I’m really impressed by your photography. And by Sam! That’s truly something to be a proud Dad about 🙂 I will send you an email about a couple of questions I have about your butterfly shots. Thank you for your sharing your imagery with us!




    Hi Vicky, yes my images are for sale, but in this case I did it for the enjoyment of getting good images of the Monarchs, for the last five years I’ve been the official photographer for New zealand Inline Speed Skating, I use to produce publicity material for them and used the sale of photographs as fund raising for the sport.

    Last year my son, Sam, became a junior World Champion Skater in Korea, it was sort of the end of a five year road, you will see on my web site the “Road to Worlds” book, this was my parting gift to Speed Skating.

    Now I do the images for fun, I do have it in mind that I may use some of the images for a greetings card range some time in the future.

    It was fortune in one sense that I was house/garden bound for two months after my to have the time just to observe the Monarchs and take the images.

    Check out the wallpaper album, you can down load one each month for your desktop, you just need to join Webshots (It’s Free).

    Enjoy. Ken.

    PS. Check out the poster at:
    If you are squeamish it’s an old train poster, if you are not, it’s a picture of my scar before the staples came out!



    Beautiful photos Ken!



    Wow, Ken, fabulous photos! There is some amazing detail in them. What do you do with your photos? Do you sell them? Or are they just there for people like me to enjoy?

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