Monarch sightings

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    I am wondering if there is anywhere on the website we can look up to see where there have been monarch sightings reported particularly of large groups.
    The local newspaper (Hawkes Bay) had an article this weekend on a tree with maybe 500 butterflies overwintering which I would love to see but it did not say the exact location.
    Enjoyed listening to your interview on radio Jacqui also your article in the NZ Womans Weekly this week!
    Well done, it is great that you are getting all this out to the public!

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    Hi Carol

    The location is on private property but there’s a good vantage point from the walkway that runs parallel to the stream in Willow Drive, Taradale/Greenmeadows. No. 9 Willow Drive has two camellias bushes and evidently the tree nearest to No. 9 (in the green space) used to be DRIPPING with monarchs in the season. There’s not so many seen now.

    And of course it’s always hard to find the exactly right time to see them. Too cold and they’ve all got their wings closed. Too warm and they’ve gone to top up on nectar!

    Good luck, and please keep us posted.

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