Monarchs and Leaf Weevils

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    Two things. — Released a healthy female monarch this am. Could not do it yesterday because of the storm hitting us all. In a brief fine break ,released it. A new butterfly hatched this am, but has crumpled wings and a very swollen body. I have it inside on a flowering African violet, to try to give it a chance to dry out in warm.
    Was talking to Tony Murrell this am, and asked him about Cleopus japonicus (Buddleia Leaf Weevil), told him that it had been suggested to use MAVRIK. He said ‘OH NO, KEEP AWAY FROM THAT !’ just put a band of Vaseline around trunk (stem), as they crawl up from ground. Nasty little things. Told him I had used water, cooking oil and a squirt of dishwashing liquid. Had worked. Pruned them and they were all growing back nicely.

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