Monarchs are breeding already!!!

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    Several days ago on a cold morning, I found a large female Monarch on my garden path, looking somewhat the worse for wear. I took it inside & warmed it with my hands & gave it some sugary water, then put it out on a swan plant in a sunny spot. After a couple of hours it was gone. Then yesterday I found 6 eggs on the plant, so I have them inside to try to raise them. Not sure if they came from the Monarch I helped, or another one. Whichever, the end of August does seem to be a trifle early in Hamilton! However I have seen quite a few Monarchs in our garden & elsewhere over the last week or so.

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    Lots of eggs, all obviously being predated. I’m taking in a few, allowing for how much feed I’m likely to have. So far I have 3 chrysalids with coloured wings starting to show – these were from eggs taken in on 31 August. Also have 5 js today with 3 more ‘fatties’ close behind, & a few tiny cats coming on. This in Hamilton



    Seen in Dunedin – yesterday a faded, slightly tatty female was laying on my swan plants. We did see one a couple of weeks ago flying around. This is the earliest I have ever seen any, as well as the latest they were around at the beginning of last winter. Hopefully a good season to come!



    Yes, reports are from all over the country – even from DUNEDIN!!!! that there are monarchs about laying eggs.

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