Monarchs are go!

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    P Lynch

    After a very dubious start to the butterfly season where we see almost no butterflies, we have a new year surge with dozens of eggs, a myriad caterpillars, and the garden abounding in beautiful monarchs. We had had dozens of active Monarch all through winter feeding mainly on late-flowering Dahlias, but Spring? Almost none in sight and certainly no breeding activity. Then around Christmas it all happened. We are very happy since a lot of time (and money) had been spent on new Swan plants. The favourite plants are those in our small glass house where tomatoes and Swan plants fight for space! But now we are happy and am enjoying the sight of Monarchs fluttering around the garden (and each other!)

    Happiness is a garden of butterflies!

    Pat (in Inglewood, Taranaki)

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    I have finally managed to get some monarchs to fly away. I put some small caterpillars in my caterpillar castle. Released 3 butterflies yesterday and another 2 today. Still have about 5 chrysalis and about 10 caterpillars safe.
    Until recently there hasn’t been any caterpillars about. I have only seen about 10 monarch butterflies all season – most have looked old..
    I haven’t seen any paper wasps for a while – I destroyed all nests I have seen. There are a few young praying mantis about at present.
    We live near Pukehina Beach, Te Puke



    In Hamilton – lots of Monarchs flying about, laying eggs which promptly disappear – I take inside a few eggs & any cats I see though there’s not many at all. I’m sure if I wasn’t rearing them inside there just wouldn’t be any left. Paper wasps & young preying mantids I guess

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