Monarchs dying partially formed

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    I’ve been raising Monarchs in Central Florida for only about a year now, and I’ve never had this happen before my recent batch nor have I heard of it happening to other people. The chrysalis will form fine but once it turns clear with bright orange wings showing they will never emerge and eventually die. Upon closer inspection they only formed partially before dying with wings being really small and the body not finished. Usually when a Monarch dies trying to turn into a butterfly they either die trying to pupate or die very shortly after. I’ve never had or heard of them partially forming before going out. This has happened to at least 8 of my butterflies in a batch of about 50. Has anyone else had this problem, is it common? Were they just slightly not strong enough? I clean my milkweed and have had no problem with any of the common diseases or parasites. I assume the few monarchs I’ve seen recently migrated from up north and may be slightly different.

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    Hello Hatake

    I think we’d need more information before we could suggest any solution – and as you’re in Florida you’d probably be best to ask someone closer to home. I can highly recommend Edith Smith, who lives in Florida.

    Ask Edith

    There’s also some common problems in North America described here:

    10 Common Monarch Diseases, Parasites, and Caterpillar Killers

    Hope that helps!


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