Monarchs in Dominion Park Hamilton

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    Some weeks ago a tree in Dominion Park Hamilton that has harbored Monarchs over winter in the past was cut down, quite devastating. BUT today we noticed that 2 adjacent trees & one further away have quite a few Monarchs on each, sheltering from the cold winds. At first we saw just a couple but then noticed quite a few more with their wings folded, & sort of burrowed furrowed further in. On tree is a conifer & the other 2 are I think sheokes.

    Also, I brought in some food for late caterpillars & found a cat that was about 1/2 a centimeter long; don’t these crazy butterflies know it’s winter!!!! I will see what I can do with it, moving it around to catch as much light & warmth as possible, tho I don’t hold out much hope for it!

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    Hi Monkey

    It would be great if you could also report this sighting to – and if you can ID the trees that would also be a plus (FB is great for that, there are lots of gardening groups happy to help ID from photos).

    Let’s hope they stay all winter!

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