Monarchs in the home garden update

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    Hi all
    Just an update on the butterflies in my garden over the summer period. Due to work commitments I unfortunately haven’t been able to spend as much time observing the butterflies as I would like. But I can say that since December I have had 3 to 4 monarchs on a daily basis fluttering around my garden with the odd yellow admiral and plenty of white butterflies visiting. For the last month I have had two yellow admirals (and white butterflies and bees)feeding on a native hebe townsonii?.
    The butterflies and bees don’t bother at all to go on a purple hebe growing next to the native hebe while the native one is in flower.
    Today for some reason I counted 15 mostly bright monarchs just sitting in a sheltered and sunny area of the garden above the hebe. It was cloudy and they were not flying around unless disturbed.
    The other plant that the monarchs loved at the end of spring coming into summer was the purple flower of the my chive plant and a large mauve allium flower head which grew in height to two metres.
    Finally have a few days off so hope to get some tagging in. Tagged six today :).

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    Hi Jackie

    Just been doing some googling and i was incorrect about the townsonii hebe being the one in my garden. It looks like hebe stricta. But i do have a hebe stricta i purchased which has finished flowering while the hebe i mentioned above is still flowing and is currently just over two metres high by two metres wide. And I call it the native one because I got a few of these plants as seedlings from our farm which has a lot of native bush on it. If you go driving around the country side in sunny areas of bush down this way you will see it growing on the roadside banks. It does really well in sunny positions. I will post a photo of the admiral on it under photos.
    And if you think it is worth it I am more than happy to supply you with young plants of this hebe from our property. Basically I have an unlimited supply 🙂



    Great to hear, Michelle! I’ll watch out for that hebe… want to plant up a neighbouring reserve with some hebes and hadn’t heard of that one.

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