Monarchs in Woodham Park Christchurch

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    Colleen Woodhall

    Monarchs are clustering in Woodham Park on a Macrocarpa  and a golden yellow leafed tree near the playground.  Saw no sign of any tags. We recently released four butterflies in Abberley Park so are pleased to find a place nearer to home.  We still have several caterpillars including some really small ones under cover.  What are the chances of them reaching maturity?



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    Great that you have seen this overwintering cluster Colleen! Have you reported it in the Research section (found along  the top bar of this page)? It’s important to do so as the information can then go directly into the database for mapping purposes. It’s then really useful for tracking what happens to the monarchs over winter as so much is still to be learned about where they go. Cheers, Joanna

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