Monarchs & Swan Plants – No Caterpillars

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    My garden is in Mt Eden area in Auckland. I am puzzled as I have over 40 large swan plants -a few established and the rest grown from seed. Up to 14 monarchs fly about the flowers and plants in my garden every day yet I have not seen even one monarch caterpillar. I have a butterfly castle [large] but not needed to use it. Used it continuously last year. I have installed 6 wasp traps – but so far not one wasp trapped! Lots of wasps flying about after the monarchs. My wooden fence is too high to exterminate the paper wasp nests that I can see on the upper areas. Are they the culprits?

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    Hallo Dane

    Would you like some caterpillars? I am running out of food and in Mt Eden also!



    My bet is wasps and ants or a combination. Try putting an ant bait at the bottom of the plant and throwing an old net curtain over the plant – it doesn’t have to be airtight – and check back here with comments in two weeks. I bet you’ll have caterpillars.


    Dane Keriboi Hawker

    I have exactly the same problem. Been a very successful summer up to now. My plants got nailed and have recovered but I do not have many eggs and no cats. I do have lots of wasps but I can find any nests. its great to have 10 butterflies flying around all the time but why no eggs?

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