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    I don’t know why; but my hatching over winter monarchs are mostly male; is anyone else experiencing this? We have had our first frost in Papakura Auckland but I still have caterpillars; is anyone else still finding eggs?

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    We are still getting a few eggs in Bucklands Beach, Auckland and waiting on 100 cats and 30 Chrysalis to do their thing. Definitely noticing more males than females eclosing and also noticing more caterpillars not making it to chrysalis



    This autumn weather in HAwkes Bay is lovely and sunny and warm still. The first one of my five remaining chrysali emerged this morning. I hope it remains warm enough for the last ones to ‘hatch’ before the weather cools. I have noticed that I have had mostly female butterflies this late in the season. I was wondering if temperature Influences development of a butterfly’s sex as in other creatures such as crocodiles and tuataras.



    My last few have been males, but then prior to that i had a run of females.

    As far as eggs go I just noticed my plants are loaded with eggs … these are plants that have mostly been empty over our shitty Welly spring and summer. I put the eggs down to our glorious autumn with sunny warm days and reduced winds … the eggs have no show sadly, one big southerly and it will be winter.

    I have a little gang of caterpillars in the hothouse all doing well on masses of food.



    Yes, it happens from time to time. When it first happened to me I contacted Monarch Watch in the USA and was advertised by Mr Monarch himself that it’s perfectly normal.


    No eggs here (Blockhouse Bay).

    Please remember to add tags when placing a post… I’m adding them now: monarch, male,female,gender balance.

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