MOTH PLANT IN AUCKLAND – One of Aucklands worst weeds!


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    From memory, I take it, this is one of the very few plants that pillars can eat without suffering adverse effects. So with all the extra pillars we are usually inundated with, it sounds like a good stand in. As the article says:

    ?Flowers, stems and immature pods can be composted at home.
    Larger pods should be disposed of in the rubbish bin for landfill, as they can still ripen and seed.?

    I dont see anything wrong with taking leaves (which are on stems and DONT breed : ). So these cuttings which wouldnt be used for propagating (obviously) and should be OK for pillars to eat as long as the remains are as they say composted. It doesnt say anything about this being outside the law either.




    There are several clumps of it in Russell, but despite having an article and photograph published in the local paper, I can’t see that anyone did anything about it. 🙁 There’s a plant in the policeman’s garden, another in the grounds of the local tavern. Nobody cares… that is, until there are a hundred seedlings in their garden no doubt.

    Wish someone had the time to go and pick all the seedpods off the plants and dispose of them responsibly. There are some places around here where the hillside is just smothered with it.



    Agree with Swansong. Just don’t get caught.

    I pick off the pods before they ripen, to cut down the spread.



    Well if it helps starving pillars in a pinch well why not…afterall it looks like all but mature/large pods are OK to compost at home. Why not give hungry pillars a go at it 1st. Common sense I would say.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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