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    Hi, I have some large milkweed plants I need to dig out of my garden 6-9 feet high and was wondering if anyone knew how well they can be transfered/potted at that size?

    Any ideas how deep the roots might be?


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    Thanks norm, have dug two up and will see how they go. they had a smaller root ball than I was expecting.



    Hi Angie, Sounds like you almost have a tree rather than a plant. I know some of them can grow quite high. Recommended procedure for moving trees/large shrubs is to dig down two sides to sever the root system, and then let it recover from the shock for 2 or 3 weeks before digging down the opposite two sides. I once move a fairly large feijoa tree using this system and it recovered quite quickly after placing it in a new hole. Water it well. However there is no guarantees it will work every time.
    The tap root could be quite deep.

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