My first Monarch Butterflies ready tome out in a week

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    Hi all – I am so excited to see my first Monarchs emerge again this season 🙂 I have invested on the milkweed plants. I have quite a few now. got new ones earlier this spring and they are doing great! I have already counted about 10 Chrysalises and I have quite a few fat ones still munching away. Today I bought some plants/flowers that will attract butterflies. I am just wondering where I should plant them. Can I plant them close to the milkweeds…is that ok? I am curious to see in future which butterflies are attracted to these flowers…

    Happy Butterfly and Moth season to you all 🙂

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    Hi Gosta – yes plant the nectar flowers close to the host plants, good idea. You might be interested in doing the on-line course which starts very soon. Great value.

    Butterfly Gardening/Habitat Course

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