My first Monarch

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    I’m so excited with my first Monarch hatching today!After battling with ants,aphid eggs etc I have a healthy Monarch in my Butterfly house and now want to know how to identify the sex.

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    Congratulations ! very exciting. I’ve just had my first Admiral e-close (‘Spike’ was a caterpillar I found on some nettles I planned to eat for dinner lol).

    anyway male monarchs have a black pheromone spot on the lower wing both sides .. apparently there is some small changes in shape too but I don’t have the expertise to make the distinction. The spot is easily seen when the wings are opened and less easily seen when they are closed. But leave it to dry its wings and get active .. this can take some hours depending on the weather. I find when they are ready to ‘go’ they get active.

    I’ll have to see how you can tell boy and girl admirals. Its a crap day here in Welly so Spike is in a caterpillar castle for now. I ‘think’ he is a yellow admiral.

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