My first tag, photos, and nettles

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    Hello everyone

    I’m happy to announce that I have just tagged and released my first autumn monarch; his name was GAL525. Oddly enough, my cat, Wolferginge, helped me.

    I’ve just returned from a month away. I had noticed that the slightly damaged chrysalis in my greenhouse had hatched, so was slightly disappointed to not be able to tag it – as it was the only one I had this year. Anyway, I was putting out the washing, when my cat suddenly went behind the greenhouse then came back. I didn’t notice at first, but he came back, and then was staring at a monarch in front of him. I suspect he had grabbed it from behind the greenhouse. I also suspect that it was the one from inside my greenhouse.

    The little man monarch was new, but sluggish (pretty cold this morning), and, oddly, one of his front legs was smaller than the other, and slightly deformed with a swelling. So, i brought him inside, he warmed up a bit, I gave him some sugar water, then attached a tag and took photos. When he seemed to be flapping around quite happily, I let him out the window, and fluttered over the bush in an approximately easterly direction.

    On to the next topic… The seeds I sowed for stinging nettled Urtica urens and U. australis have germinated and seem to be doing well. Although the australis nettles are still just babies. I’m surprised that both species germinated so late in the season, especially the australis nettles, as I only planted them at the beginning of May – albeit in my small (unheated) greenhouse.

    Anyway, just wanted to share this news of success :)

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    Hey mejamie,

    Thats great about your tagged butterfly, and what an unlikely helper!!

    Brilliant news about you success with the nettles. They do seem to come up quite easily at this time of the year, easier than in summer I think. Not entirely surprising about the U. australis, because when you think about it, they come from the Chatham Islands and it can get pretty cold and wild over there : )

    Nice work mejamie….here come the Admirals Or should I say Admirable!

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