Native Nettle Urtica incisa plants or seeds wanted – Warkworth/Wellsford/Rodney

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    Hi I would like to start raising Red Admiral

    Do you know where I can get seeds or plants of the Native Nettle Urtica incisa? And has anyone got some caterpillars to start off. I live in Warkworth area (Omaha)




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    Yes Jacqui is right – I have been raising yellow and red admirals this season and it’s quite a mission keeping enough nettles growing!! Following Norm’s advice I have raised Red Admirals on Common Nettle (Urtica urens) and they are just as happy with that. However the plants don’t live that long  – I had an old bath tub outside to grow them in plus some pots, but now I’m having to climb over fences into paddocks every few days to dig up fresh nettle plants! Luckily my work takes me into rural areas alot so I know where to find them now.

    I’m using a caterpillar castle, as Jacqui recommends, and they are really worthwhile.



    We sell the seeds here, Doreen – they’re $5 a packet.

    Now about the caterpillars – do you already have nettles (other nettles) established? Or do you have access to them? You’re going to need to have your plants established before you can cope with caterpillars. You might also want to have something like our caterpillar castles (or something similar – doesn’t have to be the same) to protect them from predators and parasites. And you’re better getting eggs too, rather than caterpillars.

    Hope that will help you launch your Admiral hobby!

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