Need help collecting small cabbage whites for research

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    I am a researcher from the University of Notre Dame in the US. Recently, some colleagues and I launched a citizen science project to collect the small cabbage white (Pieris rapae) from across the world so that we can learn where this butterfly came from and also understand how this species is adapting to the new environments it has invaded.

    Here’s our project webpage

    We only have a few from NZ so we were hoping those in this community might be able to help before your season ends. If you could collect a few from where you live and send them to us we would be extremely grateful.

    Please let me know if you have any questions about our research project.

    Sean Ryan

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    Hi Sean,
    I caught white butterflies for you, in Waihi, New Zealand, few days ago.
    I’ll send them to you in few next weeks time.

    But I am afraid nobody else in New Zealand were interested in catching white butterflies for you, sorry.

    I had my topic about but nobody replied to my topic and I did not got moths at all. I had been studied colours & pattens of Puriri moths, which lived in New Zealand for past 60 million years.

    Two first small white butterflies were caught on 1930 in New Zealand. Then numbers skyrocketed and spread all over New Zealand and Chatham Island. By 1940 NZ and Chatham Island had white butterflies everywhere.

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