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    I have a jar of tiny caterpillars that need swan plants. My partner went to town on the garden yesterday and cut down all sorts of weeds, shrubs, dead plants and removed the volunteer swan plants. They had several monarch larvae on them, which I rescued when I came upon the plants in the trailer. They are in a jar and need new plant homes ASAP. I am in west Auckland, any swan plant locations that are known or available would be a great help and I’ll deliver them. Thank you.

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    Hi Edotcommers, I am happy to take them but I’m in Blockhouse Bay. Phone me on 551 3383 if you’re interested and haven’t found anywhere else.

    Good on you!




    They only place I have found that seems to have them at the moment around Auckland is Bunnings. Apparently when they are bigger you can try pumpkin or cucumber. I am going to have to give this a go as I have 52 caterpillars that are costing me a fortune 🙂

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