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    I am wanting to plant nettles at school to encourage admirals. I can’t plant Onga Onga for safety reasons. What nettles do people recommend? And where can I get seeds? We are in Canterbury.

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    Thanks for the Urtica australis seedlings you sent me Jacqui. They are all in the ground in my special ‘nettle patch’ and that safely out of reach. It is very cold here now that Taranaki has a dusting of snow – so I am wondering if while they are small I should put some sort of cover over them for the winter?
    The ongaonga which I planted last year I thought hadn’t made it, but when I pulled the weeks away, it is okay – hasn’t grown – but still alive so I am hopeful that the Admirals will find my garden next season. I saw a yellow admiral recently and was excited that it must have found my still small nettle patch – but then I learned that they have been recently released on the maunga – so that is encouraging.



    We have two native nettles available. I highly recommend Urtica australis because of its large leaves


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