Nettles and Dogs

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    How do dogs react to nettles?

    Do dogs know to avoid nettles?

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    I wouldn’t be testing ferox on my inquisitive little hairy friends, for sure.



    My husband has had run ins with Urtica ferox at times while hunting…and looked a tad alarmed when I announced I am going to grow a small patch of it!



    My cats are often walking under and around my nettles, I suspect their fur somewhat protects them.



    Hi Essiew01
    I have two small terriers (a Yorkie and Silkie) and they sometimes venture into the nettle patches – urens and incisa -with no ill effects.
    As Terry said, hot little feet are soon fixed with licking, and I see noses getting rubbed with damp paws.
    No worse than the sneezing attacks caused by inspecting wild flowers too closely with their noses and getting pollen on/up them and definitely not as bad as a bee sting.
    Can’t be too bad – they haven’t stopped doing it.



    My Grandfather, Father, and Brother have all been gamekeepers and their Gundogs, Labrador?s, spaniel’s etc would hunt through huge Nettle beds of Urtica Dioica and Urtica Urens, only suffering from what we used to call “Hot Foot” When there paws got stung, the dogs would just lick their paws for a few minutes when they/we returned from a shooting party, no lasting harm was ever caused and the dogs never showed any sign of not wanting to enter the nettle beds. I don’t know how they would react to Urtica Ferox as it does not grow in the UK and its sting is a bit worse, but I bet many NZrs who have Pig Hunting dogs could tell you!
    P.S My Brother wants to travel to NZ to go Pig Hunting and Fishing sometime in the future.



    I can’t answer your questions, Essie, but Urtica ferox (which you wont find in an urban situation) is reported to have killed a few dogs but I’ve found no documented evidence of this. Farmers dislike the nettles of pastures because the leaves can get tangled in sheep’s wool.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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