Nettles from Oratia

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    I just received three varieties of Nettles from Oratia Nurseries and thought I’d comment on what big healthy plants they are. I wondered if I had gone mad couriering nettles for $30 but after seeing them I am pleased with my purchase and the handled the trip to Dunedin very well

    Bring on the Admirals 🙂

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    I grow the perennial European nettle which I found in the garden of a flat in Remuera in the 1970s. It does not set seed as it is of one sex but has underground rhizomes which spread and is always in leaf. Its great because it is loved by the Yellow admiral and the Red admiral all year round up here in Auckland and you never have to want for plants..



    Excellent! That’s nice to hear. Oratia provide a great service.

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